Audio FAQs

If these resources do not resolve your inquiries, we encourage you to connect with a member of our customer service team by clicking the chat icon in the lower righthand corner of your screen.

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Q: Why do I have picture with no sound?

A: Make sure the television is not muted. Check all cables to ensure they are firmly connected into the TV and your external AV source. After you have done so, check to see that the video input matches the sound input. Increase the volume on either the remote control or TV. If you are trying to view a TV station, switch to another station because some channels may be having broadcast difficulties.


Click Here for a video on audio troubleshooting.

Q: Why am I getting another language or no sound at all on some channels?

A: That would indicate that the MTS mode on your unit is set to “SAP” mode. We suggest setting the MTS mode to either “stereo” or “mono.” For further instruction, please see Audio Adjust or Multi-channel TV Sound (MTS) in your User manual.

Q: How do I activate the Closed Caption feature?

A: Press the MENU button on the main unit or on the remote. Then, press the UP or DOWN buttons to select Setup menu. Press > or OK to enter. Use the UP or DOWN buttons to select the Closed Caption option. Use the < or >buttons to adjust the setting. Please be aware that CC for different apps (Netflix, etc.) are only available inside the app.