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Tips & Tricks

3 Tips for Living a Clean Life with Pets

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Are you overwhelmed with pet hair in your house? Our furry friends may be our best companions, but they can also be the biggest nuisance when it comes to cleaning. As the seasons change, leaves, dirt, mulch, and much more are constantly tracked into your house after your pet’s trip outside. Use these simple tricks to keep your home fresh and clean while living with pets.

Tip 1: Vacuum entry/exit points more often than any other areas, so dirt and debris are not tracked around the house.

Entry and exit points tend to be the main culprits of a dirty house. Dogs (and kids) carry in all types of grime – dirt, leaves, grass, mulch, and more. Dirt and debris are then spread throughout the home if not properly taken care of. Keeping a vacuum near the entrances to your home can help eliminate messes at their source. Element makes lightweight, portable vacuums that can be used for these quick cleanups. We suggest Element’s TurboSwivel Vacuum. Its swivel design is perfect for maneuvering around entryway corners. Plus, it has five floor settings, so you can easily move from your hallway rug to wood floors with one vacuum.

Tip 2: Vacuum your couches with a Pet (H)air Brush

We’ve all been there: you get up from the couch, ready to leave, when you notice your pants are covered in pet hair. It feels like you can’t sit anywhere in your home without hair sticking to you. You love your pets, but not their hair. Luckily, our Pet (H)air Brush is your solution. This powerful brush extracts stubborn pet hair on stairs, furniture, and upholstery. Vacuuming your couch often to stop the spread of pet hair. Find your Element vacuum with Pet (H)air Brush and eliminate pet hair, even in hard-to-reach spots.

Tip 3: Purchase dog beds and accessories that are easy to wash with removable covers

The dirtiest areas in your home may be where your pets spend the most time – dog beds. A comfy spot for your pet to lay is also a major attraction for dirt, debris, and hair. Our Pet (H)air Brush is a great attachment for a quick way to freshen up your dog beds. However, a deep clean will also be necessary every few weeks. We recommend buying dog beds with removable covers for the best clean. Unfasten the cover and throw it in the wash. While that’s running, vacuum the bed insert. A clean bed will help keep home odors at bay. If your pets like to sleep on your bed, we recommend a waterproof, pet-friendly coverlet. This will trap dirt and create a protective barrier for your bedding below. Check out Element’s vacuums for a whole home clean – they really suck!