Tips & Tricks
Tips & Tricks

Quick Tips for a Cleaner Home

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At Element, we’re proud to be in every room of your home. But the changing seasons mean your home may not stay as clean as you’d like. Don’t wait until spring to clean your house. A little bit of cleaning everyday will make the task feel less daunting. Here’s our tricks for keeping a clean home:


This may be one you’ve heard before, but clean as you go

  • Put your clothes right into the laundry bin rather than piling them on the floor
  • Load your dishes in the dishwasher rather than piling them in the sink
  • Vacuum or mop dirty spots so they don’t spread to the rest of your house
  • Sort your mail as soon as you pick it up
  • Squeegee shower walls and doors after every use to prevent buildup

Have a place for everything

  • Have bins for toys, laundry, mail, you name it!
  • Closet storage solutions so your clothes don’t pile up on “the chair”
  • Pantry and fridge organization (with labels) so food is never misplaced and your countertops stay clean

Use your time wisely

  • Element’s lightweight vacuums are perfect for quick cleanups
  • Focus on the areas that count – entryway, kitchen, and bathrooms
  • Leave rooms that aren’t frequently used for when you have more time, like a guest bedroom