Your TV deserves equally as impressive audio accessories. Element Roku TV Ready™ Sound Bars & Subwoofers project your TV’s audio throughout the room giving a fuller sound.

Sound Bars

Roku TV Ready™

Connect your Element Sound Bar to a Roku TV and instantly connect to the set-up wizard. With a few quick, easy steps your Roku TV Ready Sound Bar will be ready to deliver quality sound for all your entertainment needs. Plus, you can control the volume of your Element Sound Bar with your Roku TV remote.

Wireless Subwoofer

Add a Subwoofer to your Element Roku TV Ready Sound Bar with the Sound Bar 2.1. The Subwoofer will add punch and rumble to your favorite TV shows and movies, creating a richer sound that will make you think you’re in a movie theater.


Connect your Element Sound Bar to your TV's HDMI ARC port with a single HDMI cable to get audio from all devices connected to your TV, including game consoles, video players, and other devices. Connecting your Element Sound Bar to the HDMI ARC port also allows you to use your TV’s remote to control the power and volume of your Sound Bar. 


Bluetooth connectivity allows you to easily connect devices to your Sound Bar, including your favorite music players. Listen to your favorite music or podcast with a powerful sound. 

Other Connections

Easily connect other devices, such as laptops, phones, and tablets, via Bluetooth, optical, USB, or line-in to listen to your favorite music or watch video with powerful sound. Please note that Roku Ready features cannot be used with these connection types.