Your TV deserves equally as impressive audio accessories. Element Sound Bars project your TV’s audio throughout the room giving a fuller sound.

Sound Bars

Slim Design

Element Sound Bars are designed with style in mind. With a height of two inches, the Sound Bar is able to seamlessly fit underneath a TV or mounted on the wall. The Element Subwoofer is only 5.8 inches tall so can be easily hidden for optimal sound output without disrupting aesthetics.


Add a Subwoofer to your Element Sound Bar with the Sound Bar 2.1. The Subwoofer will add punch and rumble to your favorite TV shows and movies creating a richer sound that will make you think you’re in a movie theater.


Connect instantly to your TV with optical and coaxial connections for easy access to all of your digital devices. Built-in Bluetooth capabilities also allow you to connect with music apps via phone, tablet, computer, and more.