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TV on a dark-blue background with a picture of crackers around the bezel and "Framed by Element" on the TV screen

Sorry, due to the date of this post, the "Framed" by Element Custom Bezel Patterns page doesn't exist.

April Fools!

Thanks for playing along! Now, learn more about Element's actual TVs here!


Discover our 400 and 450 Series TVs for when you want theater quality picture.

The 400 and 450 Series Element televisions with 4K UHD and HDR10 give unmatched clarity and contrast. The built-in Roku TV platforms allow for complete control of music and video streaming from thousands of streaming apps. Our 450 Series televisions also feature a frameless bezel for an edge-to-edge screen.


Discover our 300 Series TVs for when you want instant streaming.

Turn on an Element 300 Series television and instantly enjoy the built-in Roku platform. Our Roku TVs allow access to 500,000+ movies and TV episodes across thousands of services. Our Roku TVs also allow you to watch live television with an HDTV antenna or plug-in external devices like DVD players or gaming systems.