Accessibility at Element

Accessibility sight, sound, etc.

One of Element’s key pillars is Accessibility – we live out this pillar not only by the price of our electronics and appliances but also how we strive to be inclusive of who can use our products.

We know that not everyone watches TV, and we strive to make the experience enjoyable for all!

If you have low vision or are visually impaired, you can use Roku’s Audio Guide. The Audio Guide is a text-to-speech reader that helps users navigate the Roku user interface and on-screen menus. When enabled, the Audio Guide reads out text, menus, and other on-screen items. Access Audio Guide settings by navigating to Settings > Accessibility, select Audio Guide and choose the following options: speech rate, volume, and short cut.

Video description through the Secondary Audio Program (SAP) is also available on Roku TVs. Video description is audio descriptions of the action in a program. You enable video description by selecting one of the Secondary Audio Program options.

Closed captioning helps the hearing impaired by displaying text on the screen to transcribe the audio within a movie or TV show. Please note that the movie or TV show must support closed captioning for the text to display on the screen. Closed captions can be turned on or off within the Accessibility category of the Settings menu. To modify how closed captions look when displayed on your TV, visit Settings > Accessibility > Caption Style and choose among the following options: text style, text edge effect, text size, text color, text opacity, background color, background opacity, window color, and window opacity.