Element Floor Care Features Glossary

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Element’s turbo-powered vacuums give you everything you need to keep your home fresh and clean. From light refreshes to pet hair problems, Element's vacuums can get it done. Plus, their special features make your cleaning easier and faster. Here's more detail on their capabilities.


TurboSwivel™ Vacuum

No Loss of Suction – Vacuums with no loss of suction maintain power and suction as you move throughout your home, so you never miss a spot. Make your cleaning more efficient with no crumbs left behind.


30 ft. Power Cord – A long power cord makes vacuuming more efficient since you don’t have to change outlets as often. A 30-foot power cord means you can vacuum multiple rooms without the hassle of unplugging. Plus, you don't have to worry about your batteries running out of charge before you finish.


Extended Hose Design – An extended hose design makes cleaning all areas of your home a breeze. Use the hose with included attachments to reach tall windows, under furniture, and other hard-to-reach areas. The hose is bendable for reaching around corners and other areas of your home that could use a good clean.



TurboExtract™ Vacuum

Washable Filters – Washable filters are not only more eco-friendly, but they are also less expensive since you don’t have to constantly buy new filters. Simply rinse the filter under cold water to remove dust and debris. Leave it out to dry before vacuuming next. A clean filter will reduce dust in your home and make your vacuum work more efficiently.


Bagless System – Bagless vacuums are easy to empty and less expensive to operate and maintain. Empty the dust cup when its full with the touch of a button, and it will last the entire life of the machine. Keeping a clean dust bin will help your vacuum perform better and prevent unwanted odors.


Extended Reach Design – Detach the vacuum’s handle for floor-to-ceiling cleaning capabilities. Attach the 3-in-1 Crevice and Dust Brush or Pet (H)air Brush to the handle to clean tall curtains, under furniture, and other hard-to-reach areas. The sturdiness of the handle can help you reach those pesky areas with minimal effort.