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6 Things You Should Never Vacuum Up

Image representing liquid spilled on a floor

Element Vacuums have great suction for even the toughest messes. Just like any other vacuum cleaner, however, there are still several things that your vacuum can’t handle. Here’s our list so you don’t experience nasty clogs, or worse: electrical failure.

1. Glass

A broken glass is a big mess, but don’t reach for your vacuum cleaner to pick it up. Sharp glass pieces (or any sharp objects) can puncture your vacuum’s hose, bag, or interior. Instead, sweep up the broken glass and use a damp paper towel to pick up any small pieces that remain.

2. Liquids

Spilled milk is not a job for your vacuum. Liquids don’t mix with electricity, so never grab your vacuum to clean up the mess. Liquids can also get trapped inside of your vacuum cleaner and lead to mold growth. Grab a towel or microfiber cloth to clean up wet messes.

3. Large amounts of hair

Isn’t a vacuum meant to suck up hair?! Yes, most hair is okay, but don’t use your vacuum for large amounts of hair at once. Long hair can get tangled around the brush roll and clog up your vacuum. Sweep up large piles of hair (such as after a big DIY haircut) before going in with your vacuum.

4. Small items

Coins, paper clips, and plastic items are dangerous for your vacuum. They are hard on the motor and can leave pieces in the brush roll or interior. Pick up small items before you vacuum, so you don’t damage the appliance. Some small items, like dry cereal, can be picked up using the hose attachment instead.

5. Anything sticky or wet

Just as you may suspect, sticky items are not safe for your vacuum. They can stick to the brush roll, hose, or interior, causing a clog. Even if they make it safely inside the vacuum, sticky or wet pieces can mold and spread mold spores or foul smells every time you vacuum.

6. Fine particles

Fine particles are no match for even the strongest vacuums. Construction dust, makeup, used coffee grounds, fireplace ash, and other fine particles can burn out the motor and be released back into the air. It’s best to sweep these items up to keep your vacuum – and yourself – safe.

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