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Is it okay to use an indoor TV outside?

TV shown with outdoor elements

Do you really need an outdoor TV?

On a beautiful summer day, you may be tempted to take your TV outside to watch a sports game that you don’t want to miss. However, that’s not a good idea. Indoor televisions are meant for just that – the indoors. They are not crafted to weather the elements like an outdoor TV can.

Even if you have “the perfect spot” that’s covered and out of the sun, TVs are fragile electronic devices not meant for the outdoors. Your TV will not stand the test of time if taken outside – plus, you'll have a subpar viewing experience.


Outdoor televisions are designed for areas with more ambient light.

Element’s Patio Series have a screen brightness of 700 nits, more than two and a half times brighter than our standard 4K televisions, for better viewing in outdoor environments. You’ll appreciate the brighter screen even in a covered patio.

Element’s anti-glare technology will help you avoid unwanted reflections; this offsets the impact of bright sunlight to reduce unwanted glare and environmental reflections. Never worry about rewinding your favorite show because a sun beam blocked the final shot. Outdoor TVs feature a brighter screen for unmatched outdoor viewing that your standard TV can’t replicate.


Outdoor TVs are built to weather the elements, including extreme temperatures.

Even if your indoor TV is covered, such as in a screened in porch, it cannot withstand the humid temperatures of summer. Heat and moisture destroy the internal components, which is why outdoor televisions are built with cooling fans. Temperature changes also cause condensation inside the unit.

IP rating indicates the level of protection from dust and water. The IP55 rated weatherproof casing on Element’s Outdoor TV means it’s built to handle rainstorms, snow, sprinklers, splashes from pools, high humidity, condensation, insects, and dust to keep your TV safe in the outdoor elements.


Bringing your indoor TV outside voids its warranty.

Many Element TVs feature an extended 2-year warranty with product registration within 90 days of purchase. This warranty is voided if you use your TV outside since indoor televisions simply aren’t built for the extreme elements of the outdoors.

Element Outdoor TVs offer an extended 2-year warranty – even when used on your patio. Watch TV from the great outdoors without worrying about the longevity of your television.

Worried about the cost of an outdoor TV? Outdoor TVs typically cost more than indoor ones because they are built for durability, brightness, and weather resistance. Luckily for you, Element’s 55” Smart Outdoor TV is one of the most affordable in the market, at less than half the price of competitors’ outdoor TVs.


Investing in a quality outdoor television means you won’t have to replace it every year after it breaks from being placed outside. Enjoy a better viewing experience, anti-glare screen, weatherproof casing, and more with an outdoor TV.