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What is QLED?

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Experience Vivid with QLED Technology

If you've ever wondered what makes your TV or monitor display those stunning colors and lifelike images, it's time to meet QLED, or Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode technology. QLED is the magic behind those breathtaking visuals that take your entertainment experience to the next level.


What is QLED?

QLED technology harnesses the power of tiny particles known as quantum dots. These have the incredible ability to create a vast spectrum of colors with precision and vibrancy that looks like a miniature rainbow right inside your screen!


Brighter and Better in Any Setting

One of the standout features of QLED technology is its exceptional brightness. This means your TV or monitor can shine even in well-lit rooms without losing any visual brilliance. Thanks to quantum dots' unique ability to soak in light and transform it into vibrant colors, you get a picture that's not just brighter but also more vivid and striking.


Every Seat is the Best Seat

Ever had to fight for the "sweet spot" when watching TV with friends and family? QLED technology solves that problem effortlessly. With its wide viewing angle, you can enjoy top-notch picture quality from virtually any angle in the room. No more arguing over who gets the best seat on movie night!


True-to-Life Contrast

QLED doesn't just stop at brightness. It's also a master of contrast. This means you get deep, rich blacks and eye-popping whites that make everything on the screen look incredibly real. Whether you're diving into the latest blockbuster movie or indulging in some gaming action, QLED's high contrast ratio makes it feel like you're right there in the action.


Save Energy While Streaming

QLED TVs are masters of energy efficiency. They sip power compared to their traditional LCD counterparts, thanks to their reduced need for backlighting and their super-efficient display panels. So you can enjoy your entertainment guilt-free, knowing you're making a conscious choice.


Why Choose QLED?

If you want a display that elevates your viewing and gaming experiences, QLED is the way to go. With stunning picture quality, wide viewing angles, and energy efficiency, it's the smart choice for both entertainment and work.

Ready to experience QLED for yourself? Element’s 50" QLED 4K Roku TV combines the brilliance of QLED technology with the convenience of Roku for a truly exceptional entertainment experience. QLED technology offers a fantastic viewing experience that brings the movie theater home.