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Why A Sound Bar

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As TVs get thinner and take up less space in our homes, there is less room for quality speakers, because let's be real, great speakers take up space.

Since there isn't much room in a TV for speakers, they are in the back of the TV housing. When you mount your TV to the wall or place it on an entertainment center close to the wall, the sound from the speakers becomes muffled when it bounces off the wall, then back into your TV, then the wall, and on and on. The materials of the wall the TV is on can also play a role in your TV's sound.

And that's where Element's Sound Bars come to the rescue.

What is a sound bar, you ask? It's a couple of speakers housed in a case, there to give you better sound. What makes this sound better than your TV's sound? Well, it's not projected at the wall anymore; it's projected directly at you. These forward-facing speakers amplify your listening experience. But there's more to a Sound Bar than projecting sound directly to your ears.

Element Sound Bars contain two full-range drivers, which is what most would call a speaker. These drivers are there to produce sound across all frequencies. Our Sound Bars also have two tweeters that amplify the high range sounds, typically from around 2,000 hertz to 20,000 hertz. If you purchase an Element Sound Bar with a subwoofer, you'll get the added benefit of a speaker specifically designed to produce sounds on the low range, typically from 20-200 hertz. With the trifecta of speakers, your home system will sound spectacular.

When it comes to connecting your Sound Bar to your TV – we have a few tips. There isn't a wrong way to connect your Sound Bar. All connections will work, and you will notice little to no difference in sound, but you might have the most trouble with a Bluetooth connection. Since Bluetooth uses radio waves to send your sound, you can have decreased signal strength depending on the receiver's location and what the signals have to travel through – but there's no harm in testing it out to see if it works for you.

And Element Sound Bar is less than three inches tall, so it can sit in front of your Element television or can be mounted on the wall under your TV. Be sure not to cover your TV's remote sensor.

We hope your Element Sound Bar is the perfect addition to your home entertainment set-up!

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