Don’t let leftovers go to waste. >

Instead of throwing out old leftovers, compost what you can. By composting, food waste is diverted from going to the landfill where they would eventually break down and be emitted as methane into the atmosphere.

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April Fools!

Thanks for playing along! Now, learn more about Element's actual TVs here!


Element Floor Care Features Glossary >

Element’s turbo-powered vacuums give you everything you need to keep your home fresh and clean. Here's more detail on some of their special features.

6 Things You Should Never Vacuum Up >

Element Vacuums have great suction for even the toughest messes. Just like any other vacuum cleaner, however, there are still several things that your vacuum can’t handle. Here’s our list so you don’t experience nasty clogs, or worse: electrical failure.