100 Series

For When You Need A Simple Solution

Element 100 Series televisions are available in 720p HD and 4K UHD resolutions making them the perfect starter TV for any room. HDMI compatibility allows for easy connection to DVD players, VHS, gaming systems, or other digital devices.

High definition

Element's high-definition televisions pack hundreds of thousands of pixels into your screen. High-definition TVs have more pixels than standard-definition TVs of the past, giving you more detailed, crystal-clear images. Our HD TVs allow you to take advantage of digital broadcasting with more reliable signals, more channels, and automatic tuning. 


High-Definition Multimedia Interface, commonly known as HDMI, allows high-definition electronic devices to communicate with each other. What does that mean for you? It means you can connect streaming devices, gaming systems, or even DVD players to allow even more flexibility for how you use your Element television.

Dolby Audio

Dolby Audio™ is built into your Element television, giving you the best audio quality from all the content you enjoy. Dolby Audio prevents jumps in volume as you switch content or go from broadcast programs to commercial breaks. Dolby Audio delivers rich, clear, powerful sound.