300 Series

For When You Want Instant Streaming

Turn on an Element 300 Series television and instantly enjoy the built-in Roku platform. Our Roku TVs allow access to 500,000+ movies and TV episodes across thousands of services. Our Roku TVs also allow you to watch live television with an HDTV antenna or plug-in external devices like DVD players or gaming systems.

Roku TV

Element televisions with the built-in Roku platform deliver the best smart TV experience on the market with a simple, responsive user interface, thousands of apps, and regular feature updates. If you happen to marathon through the over 500,000+ shows and movies available from the Roku apps, you can connect your cable box or use a digital antenna and watch live TV.

Free Mobile App

Control your Roku device and enjoy many fun features with the free Roku Mobile App. Easily control your Roku TV with a convenient remote that has everything you need to manage your streaming: search using voice control, enjoy private listening, and quickly launch your most recent channels. You can even enjoy fantastic slideshows and videos starring you and your loved one using the app via casting.

Built-in W-Fi

Element televisions’ Wi-Fi capability allows you to connect your TV to your home internet instantly. Connecting to Wi-Fi enables you to download streaming applications directly to your TV for unlimited opportunities for streaming, accessing multimedia content, keeping tabs on social media, and more.