The 400 and 450 Series Element televisions

400/450 Series

For When You Want Theater Quality Picture

The 400 and 450 Series Element televisions with 4K UHD and HDR10 give unmatched clarity and contrast. The built-in Roku TV platforms allow for complete control of music and video streaming from thousands of streaming apps. Our 450 Series televisions also feature a frameless bezel for an edge-to-edge screen.

400 Series

450 Series

Roku TV

Element televisions with a built-in Roku platform deliver the best smart TV experience on the market with a simple, responsive user interface, thousands of apps, and automatic feature updates. If over 500,000 shows and movies available from the Roku apps aren’t enough, you can also connect your cable box or use a digital antenna to watch live TV. Customize your Element Roku TV experience with a personalized home screen for faster access to all your favorites.

Roku TV - thousands of streaming channels, fast and easy search, automatic updates
Free Mobile App

Free Mobile App

Control your Roku device with the free Roku Mobile App for iOS and Android. Easily control your Roku TV with a convenient remote that has everything you need to manage your streaming. Quickly search for your favorite movie or TV show using voice control. Enjoy private listening of your Element Roku TV through earbuds, earphones, or headphones – perfect when you don’t want to disturb your significant other, roommates, kids, or neighbors. The Roku Mobile App makes it easy to launch your most recent channels, so you can quickly get back to streaming. You can even enjoy fantastic slideshows and videos starring you and your loved ones using the app via casting.


Element’s 450 Series frameless televisions offer the best of both worlds – style and performance. A slim frame and virtually no bezel make this TV less noticeable, allowing it to integrate seamlessly into your existing décor. Enjoy an edge-to-edge screen with fewer distractions from black edges, allowing for a larger image and a more captivating experience.

450 series frameless TV
4k and HDR10 feature

4K & HDR10

Element’s 400 and 450 Series televisions offer a crisp picture with vivid colors, remarkable detail, and stunning sharpness. Our 4K TVs have four times more pixels than a traditional Full HD TV. Immerse yourself in every movie, TV show, or gaming experience with Element’s incredible picture. Plus, HDR10, state-of-the-art High Dynamic Range technology, elevates your viewing experience; with radiating brightness and nearly infinite contrast, you will think you're in a theater.