Element televisions with a built-in Xumo TV platform deliver the ultimate smart TV experience with a simple, responsive user interface, hundreds of apps, and super simple search.


Enjoy a simple, responsive user interface, hundreds of apps, and super simple search with the built-in Xumo TV platform on Element televisions. The home screen on your Element Xumo TV showcases your top picks, making it easy to dive into your favorite content. If the thousands of shows and movies available from Xumo TV apps aren’t enough, you can also connect your cable box or use a digital antenna to watch live TV. Smart recommendations and previously viewed shows are all easy to find, so you can spend less time searching and more time streaming. Say hello to an enjoyable streaming experience.

Xumo TV UI
Xumo TV my list


Customize your Element Xumo TV by saving favorites from any app in one place with My List, making them available on your home screen for quick access. Simply add your favorite shows, movies, and documentaries to your list, and they'll be waiting for you every time you log in. No more scrolling through endless lists or searching for that one movie you've been meaning to watch. With My List, your content is always right where you left it. Plus, you can get reminders when new episodes of your favorite series are available. Start building your list today and never waste time searching for the content you love.


Super simple search. The advanced voice remote lets you quickly search and access your favorites across every app. No more scrubbing different streaming platforms to find that one show your friend recommended. Switch between apps, discover new shows, change the volume, and more with the sound of your voice. More watching, less waiting.

Xumo TV advanced voice remote