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Holiday Gift Guide

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The holidays are upon us, and that means shopping for those hard-to-gift people on your list! Whether you’re looking to give your favorite cousin a gift, the aunt that always returns everything, or your mom, who is impossible to shop for – we’ve got you covered with a gift idea for everyone!


For anyone –

An Element Roku TV is the ultimate holiday gift – at least in our opinion! This TV will bring hours of enjoyment, and with our easy set-up and instant access to over 500,000 shows and movies, there is nothing to complain about! Check out our line-up of TVs and trust us when we say there is an Element television for every room, in every home!


For the music lover –

Element Sound Bars are for more than just watching TV! Sound Bars can act as speakers for cell phones, record players, and more so you can enjoy some not so silent nights!


For the one who likes to be cozy –

We’ve all been spending more time at home, but we also have that friend that prioritizes comfort over everything. For them, we suggest a set of fuzzy slippers! And if you want to step it up a level, get them a pair of slippers that you can pop in the microwave for extra coziness. 


For the one who can’t put down the camera –

Cell phone cameras are cool, but an instant camera is way cooler. Kids of any age will love snapping memories and hanging up their photos. The budding photographer will be thrilled – at least until the film runs out! 


For the coffee lover –

There’s no need to head out of the house for a fancy coffee these days. Give the gift of a handheld milk frother to help level up morning coffees – and if you’re lucky, they’ll make an extra mug for you!


For the couch potato –

If adding a new Element Roku TV isn’t in your Christmas budget, gift a Roku player so they can be *almost* as cool you! This Roku streaming player will give access to 500,000+ show and movies and easy to access apps.


For the one who is always cold

A weighted blanket does more than keep your loved ones warm; they provide similar benefits to deep pressure therapy and can help calm a restless body – and let’s be real, that’s most of us these days! 

For the pizza lover –

Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone comfortable in the kitchen, or someone who loves a frozen pizza, a pizza stone will make their holidays *chefs kiss.*

For the nostalgic one –

Is there anything better than a movie night with a fresh bowl of popcorn? The answer is no! A nostalgic popcorn maker will make you feel like you’re back in a theater and is a perfect gift for any age.

For the spa lover –

Everyone needs to take a few moments of their day to relax and participate in self-care. And for them, we suggest an at-home foot spa! The massaging bubbles will help anyone relax and rejuvenate their feet to help them be their best selves.


We hope this gift guide helps you navigate holiday shopping and crosses off a few of the hard-to-shop-for people on your list. Feel free to let us know on Facebook and Instagram if you purchased any of these gifts or if you have any ideas we should add to our list!