Tips & Tricks

Don’t let leftovers go to waste. >

Instead of throwing out old leftovers, compost what you can. By composting, food waste is diverted from going to the landfill where they would eventually break down and be emitted as methane into the atmosphere.

6 Things You Should Never Vacuum Up >

Element Vacuums have great suction for even the toughest messes. Just like any other vacuum cleaner, however, there are still several things that your vacuum can’t handle. Here’s our list so you don’t experience nasty clogs, or worse: electrical failure.

Quick Tips for a Cleaner Home >

At Element, we’re proud to be in every room of your home. But the changing seasons mean your home may not stay as clean as you’d like. Don’t wait until spring to clean your house. A little bit of cleaning everyday will make the task feel less daunting.

4 Things to Consider When Shopping for A New Vacuum >

How do you intend to use your new vacuum? There are many different types of vacuums for many different purposes – upright, handheld, stick, canister, cordless, carpet, or robot. Choosing the right vacuum for your space will give you the best clean.